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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)                                     


How soon can we close?
Normally 7 days will be the soonest. If it is an especial situation, we may be able to do it sooner.


Are you going to give me cash in my hand?
No. All our transactions are done through a Title company to prevent any sort of fraud in between seller and buyer. We will send our funds to the Title company the day before closing so they are available for you the day of closing. When you sign the documents required by the Title company they will then release the funds to you.


What if I can’t go to the Title company?
It is not a problem, the Title company will have a mobile notary come to you so you can sign the documents needed on your end. The mobile notary will then send the documents back to the Title company and once they receive them they will release the funds to you.  


Are you going to charge a commission or fee?
No. We don’t charge any fees or commissions and in fact we even pay for all closing costs! The purchase price written in our agreement is what you will receive minus any mortgages, liens, or property taxes owed. If nothing is owed, then all that money is for you!


What if I need days to move?
We can set the closing date for any day that works for you.


Can I get some of the money upfront so I can pay some bills now?
For legal reasons we are not allowed to give you money before closing date.


How do you come up with your offer?
We look for similar properties around your neighborhood and estimate what the potential value of your property could be. We then subtract the repairs needed and our profit margins to come up with our most competitive offer. Be assured that we have perfected our craft over the years and we are able to generate fair offers for all our customers.


What are you going to do with the house?
We have different strategies for every house. We may simply sell it, renovate it and then sell it, or potentially renovate it and keep it as a rental property. We work with a lot of investors and we carefully determine what the best outcome for each property will be.


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