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We Buy Houses!

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We buy them in any condition. 


With cash. 


No real estate agents or commissions.


No Title and Escrow fees. 



Ready for a Cash Offer? 

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Join hundreds of homeowners who have decided to sell their house through us! 

Don't just trust our word. Trust our previous customers!

We understand the burden that it is to have a home that's draining your pockets with mortgage payments, insurance, and utilities. There is a lot of uncertainty in this market and you may be spending MONTHS waiting for your home to sell. 

This is why we are the only home buying company that GUARANTEES your home will be SOLD!

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Quick message from Satch!

We at Sell Florida Now understand your situation and want to make sure you know we are right here with you!

How does it work?

You can sell your home in 3 simple steps: 


Step 1:

You will sign the purchase agreement and choose your closing date


Step 2:

One of our Acquisition's Specialist will meet you at the property and do a quick walk-through


Step 3:

The day of your closing date you will receive a check or a wire transfer to your bank account, your choice!

Call us now! 

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Luxury Beach House

Rob, Cocoa FL 

Sell Florida Now was fantastic and fast closing on my property. They paid all closing cost too!! Even with DEAD BEAT tennants ! I might add ! Who refused to pay rent after the mandate was lifted . Satch at Sell Florida Now took a huge weight off my shoulders and no more Bothersome tennants ! I have no regrets!

"Sell Florida Now" paid fair market value! even though it needed lots of T.L.C. and I didnt have to lift a finger.

Thanks ! Sell Florida Now ! -Rob Clark

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Barbara, Deltona FL

At first I wasn't too sure about working with these cash buying companies. I was getting a lot of calls about buying my house. Thankfully Brandy was really nice and caring and she walked me through the process step by step. Glad I chose to work with them and got my huose sold very easily! - Barbara C.

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Sarah, Orlando FL

I inherited this house from my mom and it had become too much of a burden for me. I had my own mortgage to take care of plus did one. Teh guys over at Sell Florida Now showed me how they deal with this type of thing on a daily basis and I felt comfortable moving forward. Glad I did! -Sarah W.

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Verified Google Review

Verified Google Review

We are in the people business

People first. Houses second. 

This is Satch with one of our most recent sellers.


Richard was looking to work with a team that understood his situation and was able to give him a hassle free way of selling his house. 

And that's exactly what we did! 

We are excited to be able to help people like Richard everyday!

Our Values


We are a family owned business and we want you to know that you are treated like we would treat a family member. We are upfront and transparent about everything we do.


We pride ourselves by over delivering to our clients and investors. We think long-term and we make sure we place your needs first. 


We are committed to you. We do what we say we will do and more. You have direct access to our specialists through call, text, or e-mail. Any time, any day, even during holidays we are here for you.

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